Mr. Potato Head

I remember back when Toy Story Midway Mania opened, one of the most amazing features of this attraction didn't actually occur on the ride, but rather in line.  The audio-animatronic Mr. Potato Head cracked jokes, tracked guest moments, literally interacted with them, and had convincing lifelike movement that made it look just like from the movie.  In the years since, Mr. Potato Head has settled into a regular part of the park, and the cancellation of an original plan to have a live operator improvise interactions with guests has taken a bit of the luster away from the novelty.  But he's still pretty cool to observe, and guests will still be taken aback when he stops to tell them, specifically, a joke.  Pretty good, for a spud!

Mr. Potato Head in line at Toy Story Midway Mania.


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