The Resplendent Wilderness

I'm sure I'm not alone, but I find the sight of sunbeams filtering through tall evergreen trees to be a truly mesmerizing and majestic sight.  The very essence of light is distilled into radiant swaths to behold, and it's synonymous to the glory of mother nature. 

At Disney California Adventure, Grizzly Peak is one location that allows this to play out in an urban setting. Urban because the park is, of course, situated in the middle of the city of Anaheim.  But the magic of Disney has always been its ability to sweep people away to different and faraway worlds.  Here, one might as well be in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas.  In fact, if it weren't for the crowds and the clearly obvious theme park ride, I would challenge you to discern the difference in this picture!

Sunbeams shine onto Grizzly River Run in the late afternoon.


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