'Ama 'Ama Restaurant

The signature restaurant at Aulani is 'Ama 'Ama, named for a local mullet fish, and while I can't speak for the quality of the dining (unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay long enough to eat), I can say that this is one lavishly lovely dining space!  We start with a lovely entry walkway that is modern and Hawaiian at the same time, making use of warm wood materials as well as light glass and sleek steel.  Inside, the sweeping panorama of the Pacific beckons beyond.  A lovely infinity pool draws us to the dining area, where the open air seating belies that spirit of Hawaiian nature and breezy atmosphere. 

I imagine it's pretty bustling come lunch or dinner service, but it was nice to walk around and take photos at my leisure with no one in my way.  I can't state enough just how invigoratingly nice everything has turned out at Disney's newest hotel resort!

The entrance into 'Ama 'Ama Beachside Restaurant.

This is the magical view greeting guests entering the main dining space.

The fountain is lovely. The space is modern with an island touch.

Light, open spaces make for a relaxed but elegant setting.

In a few hours, the restaurant will be bustling with diners!


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