A Steamy Splashdown

This view is one of my first memories of Disney California Adventure.  Granted, I wasn't a young child when I opened, but I was certainly not yet in adulthood, and I remember going to the park for the first time in 2001, a few months after it had opened, and strolling up the Grizzly Peak area first, after we had gone through the old entrance area, Sunshine Plaza.  The morning sun was warm and refreshing, and this recreation of the California wilderness was vibrant and invigorating.  And as I came around the turn and saw Grizzly River Run for the first time, I couldn't help but feel an awe at this representation of nature--simulated in setting, but still very real in execution.  Even back then, before its park-wide refurbishment, Disney California Adventure still had its moments of greatly beauty, as any Disney park does have.

The final cascade of Grizzly River Rapids drops riders into a steaming thermal spring.


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