A Zephyr at Bay

The past few times I've posted a picture of the Golden Zephyr, it's been in flight, with long exposures showcasing the sleek, sinewy lines of illumination created by the twinkle lights tracing across the shot.  This time, I've used a similar long exposure time, but with the Golden Zephyr at rest.  Although the exposure is technically the same here as what it might be if I'd used a shorter shutter speed and more open aperture, I feel like the colors and saturation are enhanced with this longer shot, as though the camera is really taking in more of the scene. I love the way the aqua hues of the water and the sky turned out, and the gleaming red structure looking like it's been freshly painted, and the warmth of the oranges and yellows to provide a soothing light.  It just all seems so inviting.

The vibrant and bold colors of the Golden Zephyr at night.


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