Seeing the Sun Away

All photographers aspire to frame something in their own unique perspective, often turning an everyday view into something creative and head-turning.  The composition of a photo is key--what is left out is often just as important as what's left in, and sometimes, a detail shot works as well as that sweeping, wide panorama.  Such is the case here, with this sunset scene at Tarzan's Treehouse.  The subject, the show building facade of Pirates of the Caribbean, has been distilled to just its rooftop elements, and the lone tower seems to be seeing the sun over the horizon.  The dashing sky, with those dramatic clouds, doesn't hurt either.  And though I've posted a few views from this perch, I think this one carries a different personality, even though it's taken from basically the same place as the others!

The sun sets over the treeline in this view from atop Tarzan's Treehouse!


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