Inside the Market House

A few months ago, I posted about the reopened Market House on Main Street, now serving Starbucks coffee instead of the old Nestle brew. Here's a look at some of the spaces inside.

The main sitting area of Market House is an annex dressed up as a book shop.

Guests can enjoy their snacks and brews in a studious setting.

These are the books of Mr. Peavidy, bookseller.

The furnishings are warm and Victorian, with a cozy classic feel.

Guests can still play checkers, though off to the side.

The main space has been greatly opened up to accommodate much more guests waiting to get coffee.

It feels cavernous when empty but fills in nicely during busier times of day.

This is, in essence, a Disney-fied Starbucks, similar to the location across the way at DCA.

All in all, though, I think the interiors has been nicely done.


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