Inside and Out

One of the wonderful things about the Aulani Resort---and really about Hawaii in general--that appeals to my architectural design aesthetics is the mixing of outdoor and indoor space in the grand lobby area.  Here, glassy expanses offer beautiful views of the outside foliage and landscaping.  Fountains run from outside to the inside, bringing in a calming bubbly brook of water flow.  Horizontal folding doors open up to allow the fresh ocean breezes and serene tropical sounds.  It's all very much in line with modern architecture and even sustainable design.  But above all that, it's just a really nice atmosphere to take in.  Of course, with Hawaii's warm climate, it's much easier to do this than in a cold local where the elements need to be shielded against. But I'm still glad that these wonderful spaces blend the exterior and interior into one cozy area.

A sitting area near the grand lobby entrance, with views and doors opening up to the outside.

The mixing of outdoor and indoor functions fantastically, making for a lovely space.


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