Illuminating Circles II

In full disclosure, the photo below is just a different angle of something I posted a couple of months ago. Then again, this series also happens to include some of my favorite photos I've ever taken, so I'm not going to feel guilty showcasing variations of it.  In that previous post, I shared the technical information behind formulating this shot.  Here, I'll simply point out how just a different angle gives a different feel to a scene.  The diagonality of the November post gives the photo a sense of uncertain off-kilter and enhances the feeling of movement.  I feel like one is almost enveloped into that scene of flight.  Here, with the angle more or less level, the Golden Zephy becomes more of a canopy (of light), circling overhead, while showing more of the background gives a firmer sense of layering and depth.  Here, we're not flying over the water, but we're still in a pretty gorgeous scene.

Another long exposure of the Golden Zephyr in flight.


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