A Pyrotechnic Wonderland (part 3)

Another Friday, another batch of fireworks photos.  This was taken from my meet-up with fellow Disneyland fan photographers last month.  In this batch, my primary struggle was getting the dark foreground to expose more evenly without overlighting the fireworks of the background--without using multiple shots.  My editing process ultimately decided to sacrifice detail in the shadows in favor of establishing clarity in the fireworks. I'm not sure if this is my preferred look or not, but this sort of playing around is part of how I'll discover my style of fireworks photography.

Hope you enjoy!

A patriotic start to Remember... Dreams Come True illuminates the air.

Look not into the eyes of the idol, during the Indiana Jones segment!

Wispy strings of light streak across the sky.

Fun explosions kick off the Fantasyland portion of the show.


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