A Beautiful and Sunny Fantasy

So this photo isn't the usual "empty shot" wide angle I usually post, but I really like it nonetheless.  During the daytime, it's understandably difficult, if not impossible, to take a photo with nobody in it--unless you're at the park before operating hours.  So you do the best you can--at least I do.

In this case, however, I waited for the foreground to clear and snapped a shot that still had lots of people in it, and as I later edited the photo, I found myself really attracted to the quality of light, the vibrance of color, and the feeling of energy and enjoyment that echoed from this scene.  It reminded me of my childhood days at Disneyland--often spent in Fantasyland--and the beautiful afternoon strolls I'd have with my parents as they took me from dark ride to dark ride.  The ambiance in this photo really triggered a yearning sense of nostalgia within me.  I felt that Disney magic I felt when I was a child. And though this composition may not be spectacular in the usual sense, it really holds a special place in my heart.

Fantasyland bustles with tremendous activity!


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