Welcome Back, Foolish Mortals

The first ever photo posted on this blog of the Haunted Mansion featured basically the same title.  That was taken back in my HDR-dabbling days, though. These days, I'm getting much crisper results with less processing time, simply by taking photos in RAW using a full frame camera.  I've discovered that the secret (or maybe *a* secret) to really nice looking night shots is to:
  1. Set your ISO to the base level, usually at 100
  2. Narrow your aperture--at least down to f/8, and perhaps even longer
  3. Let your shutter stay open nice and long to get the proper exposure at a greater depth of field from the aperture setting
Oh, and of course, use a tripod.  Because it's impossible to freehand a photo crisply for that long.  The results have been encouraging.  These long exposures (30 seconds in the case below) bring out color and depth that I can't even see in person with human eyes.  But they make for a really cool composition.  Looking at the photo below, one might almost not even mind being the 1000th happy haunt. After all, there's plenty of room...

Enter the house of 999 happy haunts!


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