A Pyrotechnic Wonderland (part 2)

As I mentioned last week, I recently met up with a group of fellow Disney park fan photographers to shoot the Remember... Dreams Come True fireworks show.  The purpose of this group is to teach other tips on how to improve in photography, and I certainly got some good tips to improve in an area that I've traditionally excelled less in.  But it's still a work in progress. During the editing process, I've found it challenging to balance a desire to provide a more uniform exposure of the ambient scene with making sure the fireworks are still captured crisply and not too brightly.  Here are some more photos from the shoot.  Hope you enjoy them!

A flood of red pyrotechnics cast this scene in a rosy hue.

The Haunted Mansion features fireworks "in the round."

I love the streaming ground-launched comet fireworks. They're very photogenic.

And the Pirates scene is one of the coolest fireworks sequences I've ever witnessed.


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