The Carthay Tower... at Night

The cupola at the top of the tower of the Carthay Circle Restaurant is a most iconic feature, and quite photogenic too. A few weeks ago, I posted a daytime version of this, so I feel it's appropriate to do a nighttime versiion as well, to complement it.

What I love about the tower is how it is both clean and ornate at the same time, with stylish lines and colorful accents.  It provides an elegant and unmistakable presence to DCA's skyline.  Most undoubtedly, it is nicer than the old metal sun sculpture that occupied this space before, and it's got a wonderful restaurant and classy bar inside to boot!

A fun fact... though it looks assembled together, the cupola is actually one piece, installed onto the tower almost like a cap piece.  A couple of years ago, Disney Parks released a video showing the process, and it's nice to take a look back, now that Buena Vista Street has been around for a couple of years.  Neat, huh?


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