Inspecting Treasure

It's been a while since I've featured some photos from inside Pirates of the Caribbean, so here are a couple below. 

The funny thing about the original Pirates attraction is that it is chronologically backwards, and yet I never really put two and two together until I road the Disneyland Paris version, which begins with swashbucklers in action raiding a ship, pillaging a village, and celebrating their merrily wicked ways before ending with their remains and their treasure.  That certainly makes more sense--the inevitable fate to all no matter how rich and materialistic their lives are.  But at Disneyland, this is done in reverse.  It's a flash-forward before the action happens.  Regardless, I still love the attraction, and given its popularity since the day it opened, back in 1967, so do the masses!

An undead pirate takes a magnified eye to his gold.

And another simply admires all of his riches.


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