Dapper Day Spring 2016: Part 1

This past Sunday was yet another Dapper Day, that biannual event that celebrates getting dressed up to go to the park, the way guests did back in the 50s and 60s, when Disneyland was still new and novel (and such was the fashion at the time).  The day has evolved to include elements of cosplay as well in the form of Disney Bounding (and in some cases, more detailed actual cosplay), and it's become a well known and wide spread spectacle, with countless guests taking part by dressing up and countless photographers on hand to grab shots of the fantastic outfits all around.

Here is the start of this year's Dapper Day coverage.  We begin with the huge Disney Bound meet-up, which occurred at Paradise Park in Disney California Adventure this year, in front of the The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure ride.  Hundreds upon hundreds of enthusiastic guests descended for one massive photo op, and afterwards stuck around to socialize or have more individual photos taken.  It was a fantastic event, and I was continually impressed by the creativity and energy with which these Disney fans took to the day!

At 4:00 in the afternoon, the Dappers and the Disney Bounders came together for a massive group photo.

Organizing the festivities was Jon York, aka York in a Box, who lead the arrangement to direct the subjects.  Of course, a little selfie with all the Disney Bounders and Dapper Disney fans didn't hurt either!

He wasn't the only photographer who wanted an epic selfie.

The results of organization.

Here's a slightly wider panorama of the whole group!

Afterwards, I wandered the area, looking for subjects to shoot. 

Jessica of Maid of Might Cosplay fame proved to be a sassy yet stunning Megara with her 1920s dress in the style of the leading lady from Disney's Hercules.

With creeping photobomber Victoria Ever After / Blue Fairy in the background...

Reagan Kathryn served as an elegant Jane Porter, from Tarzan.
And then it turns out she met her twin!
Two Janes are better than one, I say.

And they were both beautiful.

I also caught the lovely, bubbly, wildly energetic Amber Skies as a most excellent Captain Hook.
She even had her own Tick-Tock to torment her!

They were a riot together.

Little Sprite Cosplay made this Tock definitely more dapper than the regular one!

And more photos of this lovely Miss Hook to close out today's series.

That's it for today, but there are plenty of photos to come!  It was a beautiful day full of beautiful people (who were all quite nice when approached by this stranger with a camera), and it once again reinforced how much I enjoy Dapper Day!


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