Nights in Grizzly Gulch

My trip to Hong Kong Disneyland last year was a mostly cloudy day, so when night fell, I made sure to try to get as many pretty nighttime photos as possible.  In Grizzly Gulch, one of the three newest expansions of the park, I made an extra attempt to get photos of just the general ambiance and environment, because I hadn't really seen that many photos of the area at night (not that I necessarily looked very hard).  The town turned out to be photogenic, though.  The romantic Wild West theming combined with ample illumination created a nice, romantic vibe, and with colorful Big Grizzly Mountain in the background, there were some nice compositions available.  Here are a few snapshots from strolling around Grizzly Gulch!

The Lucky Nugget Saloon is just a quick-serve restaurant here, unlike it's more elaborate similarly named cousins at the Magic Kingdoms in Tokyo, Anaheim, and Florida!

The facade that marks the entrance to the queue for Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.

The main thoroughfare.


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