Clouds on the Bay II

This month has seen its share of May Gray, but the cloud cover has been far from boring.  Rather than the typical dreary uniform clouds, this month has seen a lot of puffy, textured formations, with breaks in the afternoon hours allow glimpses of blue sky and wisps of sunbeams to peek through.  This has made even non-sunny shoots quite exciting, and shots like this from Disney California Adventure provide a bit of testament to that!

Dramatic May clouds provide some fantastic skies above Paradise Bay.


  1. Amazing! This photo is goals. Every day I go to the park (and I go twice per week) it's always clear or complete overcast... then on the days I can't go I look out the window and theres nice puffy clouds. I can't win! At least the other day I finally got a shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle with some nice clouds behind it before it cleared up.

    1. That's pretty much me with spectacular sunsets. When they occur, I'm either stuck at work, or not in a place with a scenic backdrop, or I don't have my nice camera and have to settle for a cell phone shot, or I am but have to leave due to other, prior obligations!! Haha. Luck and timing are definitely a big part of photography.


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