The Jungle Atmosphere

The photo below is a bit of a different "Throwback Thursday."  I mean, it's not really, other than the fact that the photo was taken over two years ago.  But what is unique is that this photos require significantly heavier editing than my usual photos (even if it may not look like it).  The original photo was relatively dull and lifeless, so I adjusted the white balance and coloring and really pushed the shadows, highlights, vibrance, and clarity sliders to their extremes.  As I was playing around, I began to imagine the scene as a muggy jungle somewhere in the east, humidity weight down on the seen, bringing a soggy textures to the skies and a strangely warm but still muted vibe to the scene.  Not sure if that was conveyed successfully, but it was fun to work on the shot, at least!

Enter Adventureland--gateway to a jungle wilderness of mystery, peril, and excitement!


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