Flash in the Storm

So last Sunday, I was riding Pirates of the Caribbean with a group of photographer friends, when we rounded the corner following the second drop into the grotto, setting us in line with the shipwreck scene.  One of my friends remarked that he had never gotten a shot of the shipwreck, since the quick strobes simulating lightning made it hard to quickly focus, compose, and capture proper detail.  Playing the part of the over-confident jerk, I told him that it was actually really easy, and that you simply had to raise you camera, point, wait for the flash, and immediately trigger the shutter when it came.

Then I took the following photo, which really just means I got lucky with my timing, given I was mock showing off, but also might mean that I was kind of right?  Well, the picture turned out pretty nice, I think.  And I've always loved the ambiance of this scene, with the mystery and sense of unknown beyond the choppy waters of the wreck.  Keep sailing, dead buccaneer.  Keep sailing...

A lone pirate tries to steer a wrecked ship in the rough seas of a squall.


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