Dapper Day Spring 2016: Part 3

Dapper Week continues with--yes, you guessed it--more photos from Dapper Day this past Sunday.  If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 posted earlier this week, go check them out.  As I've mentioned before, I truly enjoy seeing the variety of outfits and characters that Disney fans immerse themselves into, and whether the costumes veer on the more detailed and thematically meticulous cosplay side or the more casual and whimsical Disney Bound side, they're always a joy to behold.  So here are some more photos of Disney-inspired guests!

Rian Synnth was quite eye-catching as a stunning Pocahontas.
Her outfit was more on the cosplay side and even had nice little details like a hummingbird.

Being a regular cosplayer, she was a natural subject with wonderful poses.

I wish the full body photos had turned out better, but unfortunately I (embarrassingly) botched them by missing the focus. Combined with a wide aperture and a telephoto lens, and these landscape pics were the only ones that turned out.  Oh well, I guess you can't be perfect.

This Flynn Rider and Rapunzel (post hair cut) were adorable.

Of course, they had a Pascal with them too.

If it weren't for the associative outfits, I would have thought they were a stylish modern couple!

I really like how well the lighting turned out here.

As golden hour progressed, I continued walking around and snapping photos.  I spotted this Winnie the Pooh Disney Bounder and asked to take her photo.  Turns out this was Amber Arden, who's a bit of a deal, so this photo quickly turned into a photo of four...

...which then turned into a photo of eleven, including cosplayers and actors I had photographed earlier in the afternoon, like Reagan Kathryn and Victoria Ever After!  Also, Jasmin Loves You as gender bending Radar Technician Matt was the funniest Disney Bound of the day (at least in my opinion).
Speaking of gender bending, yesterday, I posted a gender bending Ariel.  I also found a gender bending Prince Eric too!  This one with a friend as post-transformation Ariel.

These two friends were silly and very fun in their interactions.

"Go on and kiss the girl..."  I appreciated their commitment to character in pursuit of the shot.

I loved this female Spiderman Disney Bounder.

And she had some fellow Avenger themed friends too!

They were all quite lovely.

The delightful Phyllis Herman was also at Dapper Day, blinged out accessories in hand, to pose with the lovely Amber Arden over by the water.

It was also fun to see whole families decked out in their colorful finest!

And yes, I did eventually wander outside of Paradise Pier in search of other Dappers.

This Winnie the Pooh Disney Bounding group proved to be a very stylish one, and it just so happened to include Leslie Kay, the founder of DisneyBound!
More to come tomorrow.  Like I warned earlier this week, I have a whole trove of photos from this event!


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