Dusk Over The Hub

Sometimes, you go digging in the archives and find a photo you never processed showcasing a moment you forgot about.  In the case below, it was a rare instance when I was in the parks AND the twilight skies dissolved into chromatic drama, tinging the air with wispy strands of warm color.  Standing in the center of The Hub, the heart of the park, put me in a position to observe the kinetic transition from day to night.  The magic of the park coming alive after dark was bountiful in front of me.  It felt fitting to be here, standing with Walt and Mickey as they surveyed the kingdom they had created.  I imagined them pleased with the joy they had brought to countless people over the years.  It was nice that on this day, dusk decided to reflect this warm spirit.

Walt and Mickey look on as dusk settles on Disneyland.


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