Radiator Rains

Sense a trend?  Of course you do, and if you live in Southern California, you'll immediately understand why.  Over the past few days, we've been getting a nice drenching from several storms (the third and strongest hitting today), which have been a welcome relief from our several-year-long drought.  And dating back the past couple of months, it seems like there have been more rainy evenings than I've counted over the past several years combined.  Of course, that's heaven for photographers, who can capture light both above and from the ground.  There's just something about those dang reflections that attracts us like flies to a lamp.  In this case, many lamps, all lined along the rain-slicked road.  But you can't argue with the results.  It sure is purdy!

Luminous neon glistens on the soggy main drag of Radiator Springs.


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