Enchantment in the Distance

Although I tried to keep Shanghai Disneyland spoilers (both visual and informational) to a minimum before I visited (other than certain essential information needed for visiting, such as park operation and location and such), I did allow myself to take a gander at some Instagram photos and photos from certain favored blogs to whet my appetite just a bit.  One of the views that caught my eye early on was a shot of the Enchanted Storybook Castle viewed from Mickey Avenue.  In their version of "Town Square," a central park and grandstand area featured a nicely framed view right down the middle of the street.  With trees and streetlamps on both sides, they composed a very nice view of the castle, which certainly excited the photographer in me.

Because regular tripods are not allowed inside the park, however, I had to be a bit creative to get this shot at night.  Fortunately, park policy (at least when I visited) did allow miniature tripods such as Gorillapods.  So I stuck my camera on one, and then stuck that on the railing right in front of this scene to frame my view just so.  A few snaps and some layered processing later, this was the result.

The Enchanted Storybook Castle looms in the distance, as seen from the back of Mickey Avenue.


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