Sunny Days and Mediterranean Bays

You may have noticed an Asian Disney trend over the past few days (and certainly over the past month).  That's because I have a huge backlog of photos from Disney parks in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai--one that grew only larger with my recent vacation.  So sit back, relax, and take in more pictures from exotic Disney locales abroad--unless you're reading from one of the above places.  In that case, enjoy a bit of home!

Walking through the entry plaza of the park into Mediterranean Harbor.
It's a taste of Portofino, with plenty of exquisite, authentic-looking details.
A lone rowboat floats with Mount Prometheus and Mysterious Island looming in the distance.

Fortress Exploration makes a fine composition in front of Tokyo Disney Sea's central icon.
Gazing across the harbor from the American Waterfront side.
Seating area for waterborne shows at day and night.
Strolling across the "Ponte Vecchio" part of Mediterranean Harbor.
And coming upon Fortress Explorations and Mysterious Island.


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