Bliss at the Water Wheel

Consider this another one out of the archives.  Although this photo itself isn't quite so old, it was still taken two years ago, during the 60th Anniversary celebration (as evidenced by the spotlights coming from Sleeping Beauty Castle beyond).  The focus, however, wasn't the spots, but rather the mill and water wheel that serves as a little portal for the lift hill of Grizzly River Run, the whirling rapids ride at Disney California Adventure.  Once upon a time, I tried repeatedly to photograph this entire scene on my crop frame, but I could never get wide enough without having the railing in front of this pond get in the way.  Fortunately, a full frame camera plus wide angle solve those issues, and the result is this lovely blue hour shot composed of merely two exposures blended together.  Bliss indeed.

A lovely evening view of the Grizzly River Run water wheel.


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