Once Upon an Innovention

It's not Thursday, but today's post is a bit of a throwback, to the days before the Tomorrowland Expo Center, when it was simply known as Innoventions.  Originally the home of the Carousel of Progress, it has evolved over time, becoming a demonstration of the house of the future as furnished by Microsoft, a collection of Marvel meet-and-greets and interactive exhibits, and now the Star Wars Launch Bay.  In the following photos, lets look back on when the building was first starting to feature Disney's then-new Marvel acquisitions in the form of the Iron Man Experience.  On a beautiful spring afternoon, some rather photogenic shots could certainly be acquired from all around the Innoventions show building!

A near-overview of Innoventions, with Space Mountain in the background.
The winding entrance takes guests up to the second floor.
And up that curving ramp we go.
The upper level affords some nice views out onto Tomorrowland.
It makes for a lovely golden hour scene too!


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