Inside the Temple of the Crystal Skull

At Tokyo Disney Sea's Temple of the Crystal Skull, the queue is littered with both archeological scenes and artifacts serving as warnings to guests who dare enter the temple.  And for guests who stand in line for the long wait, they might be a little intimidating.  Outlines of unsettling creatures, past victims, and abandoned scenes create a sense of unease through the air.  But they're also fun to photograph. The only problem for me when I visited, though, was that I routinely used the Fastpass/Single Rider line, which breezed by everyone else, at the expense of being able to enjoy the eerie atmosphere throughout the queue.  I suppose that was a "sacrifice."  Fortunately, I was able to snap a few shots of the ambiance.

Emblems of the Crystal Skull appear throughout the temple.
A work space, abandoned.
The temple has not been kind to past adventurers.
A priceless artifact, about to be crated.


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