Tokyo Tomorrowland's Setting Sun

This is day three of our Disney international Tomorrowland spree, and our stop takes us to Tokyo Disneyland.  And while Japan may be known as the Land of the Rising Sun, today's post pays better tribute to #SunsetSunday, with this glorious scene in front of Space Mountain.

The photo below is from my first visit to Tokyo Disney in 2015.  Most of that vacation was gray skied, but I had good fortune to have two sunny days out of my three overall at the Tokyo Disney Resort.  And I was even blessed to get a dramatic sunset on my first afternoon at Tokyo Disney--which hardly happens even at home!  It was such an inspiring scene, I couldn't help but just stand there and gawk.  And with Space Mountain in full feature in the middle of my frame, it created a visual memory that I won't soon forget!

Dramatic clouds are lit up by the setting sun over Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland!


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