Return to the Court

It has been some time since I've been in the Court of Angels during the daytime--not since before the 2014 refurbishment of Club 33 that enclosed the court off from public access for use as the waiting area for the club--but this past Sunday, I had a chance to admire the "Court des Anges" again when I dined at Club 33 as an early celebration of my birthday.  This quiet courtyard oasis inside New Orleans Square has always been a respite from the hustle and bustle of the park, but now as a part of the exclusive Club 33, it is even more so.  It was nice to within this tranquil and beautiful space again.  A lot of details were as I remembered, with some Art Nouveau additions, such as the handrails and statuette light fixtures.  But on a nice day like this past Sunday, it's still as beautiful as ever!

A look up the grand stairs of the Court of Angels, now leading up to the new entrance to Club 33.


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