A Carousel Oasis

As I start dipping into my 2016 trove of Tokyo Disney photos, I'm finding some fun juxtapositions against my 2015 collection.  The earlier group, stemming from my first ever trip to Asia, contains a lot of standard and typical shots that one might find from other web sites or photo accounts devoted to Tokyo Disney, and I have a good amount of 2016 photos from similar angles and views.  But going back just one year later also afforded me a luxury of getting photos of scenes and angles I was not able to capture or did not satisfactorily photograph in my first visit.  The second trip afforded a do-over of sorts, which was pretty neat.  And this scene from Arabian Coast is one example.  I didn't get nearly as many nighttime photos from this area as I wanted--at least not empty park shots.  So I made it a point to spend not one but two nights snagging some angles late at night in the Arabian Coast.  And you know what? It was worth it to get clean images such as this.

If at first you don't succeed, try again.  Although it's definitely easier when you're in the most beautiful theme park in the world!

A fountain oasis in the middle of the Arabian Coast and in front of the double decker Caravan Carousel.


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