Under the Sea Above the Land

Tokyo Disney Sea is full of immersive and hyper-realistic lands that astound the eye and echo with majesty and beauty, but even within a park where literally every scene is breath-taking, there is a hierarchy of areas where I tend to capture more photos versus places I photograph less.  Mermaid Lagoon, the park's de-facto "kiddie" area, falls under the latter category.  Part of this is because most of the land is indoors, and often too crowded for my liking.  And part of it is because the other six ports of call at Disney Sea interest me more.

But Mermaid Lagoon has its fair share of photogenic elements, and the colorful exterior that fronts the indoor Triton's Kingdom is certainly one of them.  This calypso of hues brings an undersea rainbow up above the waters, sparkling with a wide chromatic cast of saturation.  It's a very pretty scene and fun to photograph!

Beautiful and colorful Mermaid Lagoon presents a whimsical sight in Tokyo Disney Sea.


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