The Jungle Pyramid

Our return through Tokyo Disney Sea continues with a sojourn through the Lost River Delta, the jungle wilderness of the park that kind of functions as its "Adventureland" (in conjunction with the Arabian Coast).  The visual centerpiece of this land is the towering Aztec pyramid that houses the TDS version of the Indiana Jones Adventure.  The ride is very similar to the Anaheim version, but rather than the demonic deity, Mara, there's a shiny and evil artifact with supernatural powers.  The layout is the same and hits the same scenes as the original, but there's a cool smoke tornado vortex in the main temple space as well as a nifty, blasted smoke ring from the crystal skull before riders venture through the dart room. 

Consider this an improvement and slight evolution of a classic--all hidden away within these jungle-clad ruins.  Doesn't that beckon adventure?

An ancient temple housing a cursed crystal skull looms over the jungle of the Lost River Delta.


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