Restaurant Sakura

At Tokyo Disney Sea, Restaurant Sakura is a table service establishment featuring Japanese fare, situated in the American Waterfront portion of the park.  The restaurant's story is one of immigration and integration.  [Storyline] Located in a former fish market, Restaurant Sakura is owned by a Japanese immigrant who came to America for hopes of a better life and was able to build up enough to start a successful restaurant overlooking the New York harbor.  Remnants of the building's past life can still be found on its walls, and inside, Japanese cuisine is served in a ruggedly elegant and dignified setting.  It's an inspirational tale, and even if it is fiction for the purpose of the theme, it's still an admirable one--especially considering that this is just a restaurant, rather than a ride or show.  But that's what sets Tokyo Disney apart.  Even its restaurants have storylines.  Everything reinforces the story.  The rides, the shops, the restaurants, the theming, the architecture, the details.  They all support the creativity. 

It's yet another part of why this park is the Sea of Dreams.

In front of the Restaurant Sakura, in the American Waterfront portion of Tokyo Disney Sea.
The Disney Sea Electric Railway passes right by.


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