A Castle Crown of Flowers

The unofficial summer season may be just around the corner with Memorial Day weekend coming up, but right now it's still very much springtime.  Though the blossoming of nature may be past peak for many florals, we can still look back at the rebirth and renewal and enjoy the new dashes of color and liveliness brought forth by the emergence of springtime around the Disneyland Resort.  As you've doubtless read many times before, nowhere is this more impactful than around The Hub, when the tabebuia trees bloom forth their beautiful, lushly pink petals.  They're pretty on their own or in the background, or even just framing other elements in the park.  However one sets them, they're a symbol of the natural beauty that can be found, even in a constructed park like Disneyland.

Tabebuias splash a lovely pink vibe all around The Hub.


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