Oga's Cantina

Deep in the heart of Batuu lies a lawless haven representing a wretched hive of scum and villainy...

Wait, no, not quite that.  But Batuu does have a cantina that is supposedly frequented by some of its less law-abiding denizens, and it's particularly infamous for becoming the first public Disneyland space to serve alcohol to guests in the entire park.  Yes, there is Club 33 in New Orleans Square, but that's a private club, subject to exclusive membership.  In Batuu, Oga's Cantina is open to anyone who wants to enter... and put their name on a waitlist, since the capacity is pretty small, and current demand is super high.

Once inside, though, guests will find craft cocktails and mocktails and an atmosphere that is surprisingly more clubby than one might expect out of an outpost on the edge of Wild Space.  The ambiance is an interesting mix of technology and local traditional, but a constant beat is maintained by DJ R-3X, the infamous pilot of Star Tours, who has taken up residence here with a new, second career. 

Prices at Oga's are certainly high--there's an upcharge for both the new land and the ability to drink inside Walt's original Magic Kingdom.  But the scenery is charming, and the atmosphere eclectic and captivating.  Around the bar, all sorts of interesting containers and exhibits and displays can be noticed--and they're not always palatable!  It all makes for a bar that's as much of a place to see as to be seen!

Inside Oga's Cantina!

The bar is effectively symmetrical.

Pre-mixed cocktail canisters abound, as well as odd creatures.

It's what a space bar would look like, I'm sure!

Details abound around Oga's.

It's all quite colorful.

Want a toad-like guy by your drink?

The ceiling is pretty impressively detailed too.

Besides bar seating, there are also booths for larger groups.

The ambiance is great!

I dig the light fixtures.

Some drinks come with souvenir mugs.  In fact, they only come with souvenir mugs.

The glasses are pretty funky too.

The servings aren't super ample, but the payment is for the scene as much as it is for the booze.

DJ R-3X is in the house!

It's his first time at the turntable.

But he's quite enthusiastic!

He's a great feature inside this eclectic bar!


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