Outside Savi's

One of the highlights for many Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge guests has been Savi's Lightsaber Workshop: Disney's answer to Universal's Olivander's Workshop at its Wizarding World of Harry Potter lands, wherein a guest can participate in a ceremonial and theatrical moment that results in his or her owning the iconic instrument of pertinent franchise.  At Olivander's it's being chosen by the right wand.  But at Savi's, it's the process of constructing one's own lightsaber!  This won't come cheap--the cost is $200 plus tax, no AP discounts, and the experience is limited only to the purchaser plus one or two guests (hence why I haven't actually made it inside the Workshop yet). 

The lightsabers are of good quality, matching to up to many stunt-level lightsabers out on the market.  These are not the regular extendable toy lightsabers.  They're metal hilted, with lights and realistic sound effects that whir when swung and crackle when contacted to another object.  And yes, there is some amount of Disney premium in paying for the experience as well as the product.  But for those who really love their Star Wars and want a one-of-a-kind keepsake, Savi's offers them their own path to the Jedi. 

To participate, look for an unremarkable post around the corner from Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities, with a simple blue banner draped near its entrance showing an abstract representation of a lightsaber.  The crowd of guests will probably also give things away.  Get in line within your reservation time slot (not a factor after June 24th, when Galaxy's Edge opens up to everyone), pay your credits, and enjoy the experience of crafting your very own lightsaber from the various options available.  The the Force (and wallet) be with you, you'll gain quite a treasured memento!

Guests line up outside of Savi's Lightsaber Workshop.

The high price tag hasn't deterred long lines so far during the reservation-only period of Galaxy's Edge opening.

The outside of this attraction doesn't look overly fancy.  In fact, it kind of resembles a space-themed Moroccan junkyard.

Oh, but the secrets within the walls...

Across the courtyard, there is also a little wishing tree with wishes tied to it.


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