Something in the Water

A true testament the level of theming in a land is the attention to details, even small, innocuous ones.  To that end, another example that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has matched Tokyo Disney Sea level theming comes in a particular drinking fountain (excuse me, "hydrator") at the far end of the Black Spire Marketplace.  At first glance, this appears to be a more elaborate drinking fountain and bottle filler.  But stick around long enough, and a surprise appears.  It seems that there's more than just H2O in the contents of the tank, and it's rather unappetizing.  Every now and then, the recognizable eye stalk of a Dianoga--otherwise known as the "trash compactor monster" in the original Death Star in Episode IV--pops up in the murky water tank.  That's probably not a great sanitary testament to the water supply, so refill at your own risk.  But it's a pretty cool detail, not unlike the semi-melted drinking fountain deep within the queue of Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Oh look, it's a drinking fountain.  Just like any other.

Wait, no, maybe not quite.

Gah!!!  That can't be sanitary!

Go away, Dianoga!  You don't belong here!!


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