Droid Depot

Although it is a store, not a ride, Droid Depot is listed among the four attractions at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.  This is because it is more than your ordinary shopping experience.  Although it does have a regular souvenir display area for grab-and-go items, it also features an interactive "build your own droid" component that fans have been eagerly lining up for.  For $100 (plus tax, no Annual Passholder discounts), guests can customize a miniature version of a R- or BB- unit in their own style.  Different colors, component pieces, and functions lend themselves to tens of thousands of combinations.  It's a fun experience that results in a [probably] one-of-a-kind keepsake, and one of the many really neat experiences that are part of Galaxy's Edge.

Welcome to the Droid Depot!

Here's the line to customize your own droid!

A conveyor line above pulls along a medley of droid parts.

It feels a bit like the queue from Star Tours.

The look is appropriately gritty and industrial.

These parts are a little more complicated than what guests will construct.

A display shows full sized versions of different R- and BB- units.

Meanwhile, down at counter height, a conveyor belt provides a variety of droid parts for guests to choose from.

Look at all the different combinations!

After choosing their parts, guests go these little booths to assemble and activate them.

Pay here.

And wealthy Star Wars fans can even buy a life-size, controllable R2-D2 model for $25,000! (plus tax)


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