The Wrath of Kylo

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is all about immersive storytelling, both from the theming and architecture to the characters and events that occur through the day.  On the latter spectrum, this includes a few unscheduled mini-shows that play out across any given day.  These are not on any park map or schedule.  Instead, they're to be discovered or happened upon.  A story that guests walk into--even if they weren't expecting it!

The one that I caught last Sunday was a very quick moment involving a First Order commander initially belittling the audience, then standing at attention when Kylo Ren made his appearance.  He questions the commander on the progress of finding a Resistance spy, and when the results are unsatisfactory, releases his frustration on the poor officer, then leaves up the ramp of his TIE Echelon. 

It plays out over the course of just a few minutes, but it's cool to see--an example of bringing an element of immersive theater to this amazing land.  Here are some photos.

A First Order commander banters with the crowd as we join the scene.

She is patronizing and suspicious of any Resistance sympathizers.

But suddenly, she stands at attention.

Uh oh, Kylo Ren is here.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, that is!

Kylo inquires into the progress of finding a Resistance spy who has been seen around Black Spire Outpost.

The answers do not make him happy.

The commander falls to the ground after Kylo releases his Force choke.

*dramatic exit walk*

The Stormtroopers stand there, awkwardly.

Humiliated, the Commander orders a redoubling of efforts.

Then tries to regain her dignity in the face of the public dressing down from Kylo Ren.


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