The Spires of Batuu

They're everywhere throughout Batuu: towering, rocky spires that seem to stretch toward the sky.  But they're more than just geological pillars.  Under the mythology of the planet, these are actually petrified remains of ancient trees that once reached high to the clouds.  Over time, the sands of time transformed these structures from wood to stone, and the early inhabitants of the planet carved out settlements in these massive remnants.  Those eventually spread out into towns and cities.  But through it all, those spires persist--a symbol of the planet's past, and an unmistakable mark of its dramatic skyline!

Rocky spires dot the landscape both near and far in Black Spire Outpost.

Once upon a time, these were trees in a mighty forest.

Today, they are like buttes spread across a craggy range.

From far away or up close, they are spectacular!


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