Snow White's Grotto

Three Disney Magic Kingdom parks share a common scenic feature beside their castles: Snow White's Grotto, a scenic waterfall area featuring statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, standing across from a lovely wishing well.  Backed by a lush bed of foliage, the display presents a lovely photo op.  Snow White stands at the top of the rock formation, while the dwarfs spread in front of her.  Fun fact: Snow White is actually the same height as the other dwarfs, but the magic of forced perspective makes her look taller.  It's a quiet area beside the hustle and bustle of the castle, and a serene area of contemplation.  Just the type of solace that's a welcome change of pace in the park!

Snow White's Grotto is situated across the water from Snow White's Wishing Well.

The figures strike a pose amidst the water feature.


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