A Crescent Fountain Evening

Late nights in New Orleans Square were always a pastime during my end-of-evening photo runs at Disneyland Park.  Although I'd often find myself in charming, nostalgic Royal Street, I'd usually cruise by the Haunted Mansion and the fountain near New Orleans Station first.  It's a quiet, peaceful area that's more of a pass-through.  Most people either photograph the Haunted Mansion or move onto the Cafe Orleans and French Market area.  But there is a nice frame of the fountain looking toward the train station, with a pathway sort of forming a leading line around the stately water feature in the direction of the depot.  It's a moment of serenity, and a fleeting bit of Disney calm and wonder.

The fountain at New Orleans Square and New Orleans Station past the trees beyond.


  1. What a great Pic! I love that area of New Orleans Square.

    1. Thanks, Jim! It's a great, peaceful little area at night!


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