Tempting Walkers

A few years ago, during construction of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (though fans didn't know it by that name at the time), there was a moment where the steel skeleton of what distinctively appeared to be an AT-AT was spotted being placed in the middle of the ride.  This immediately triggered speculation on what its role would be and anticipation over how the attraction would interact with these iconic Imperial armored transports.  How amazing would it be to encounter the walkers life size!  Well, once the ride opened, it turns out that the meeting occurs in a First Order Star Destroyer hangar, as escaping Resistance members try to make their way toward a rendezvous point, only to run into greater and greater peril!

The AT-AT moment is every bit as monumental as one can expect, with the walkers towering over everyone.  The thick of the action grows hot in Stormtrooper crossfire, and taking a lift to an upper level doesn't help when the AT-AT's turn their powerful cannons on level toward the fleeing Resistance members!  Fortunately, the powerful blasts miss target, and it's off to another part of the Star Destroyer--hopefully closer to getting off the cruiser!

Next time, I need a wider lens to capture this scene more fully!

Finn disguised as a Storm Tropper avoids fire off to the side.

Retreating to an upper level proves less safe than anticipated, as it puts riders in the middle of AT-AT crosshairs!


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