The Mountain Through the Trees

One benefit of the past nearly yearlong closure of Disneyland is that it's pushed me to go through my archive of old Disney photos to cull out some interesting shots to share.  Fortunately, the lack of photos is hardly a problem, since I have literally tens or hundreds of thousands of pictures collected over nearly a decade of photography at the parks, but finding something a little more unique is sometimes more of a challenge, since there's often an urge to get the typical iconic shots (that other Disneyland enthusiast photographers also have).  Still, here and there, I'll find something that I consider a little unique, such as this photo of the Matterhorn through the trees, almost peeking through foliage to show its presence.  The iconic Disneyland attraction usually has no trouble indicating its presence, since it is the most towering icon in the park and can be seen from all angles.  But frame a shot a certain way, and it can take on a more playful and elusive character.  At least I'd like to think so!


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