Along the Tokyo Riviera

One of the things that I love and that amaze me are how vividly realistic the front half of Tokyo Disney Sea recreates iconic parts of the world within a seamlessly immersive environment.  The American Waterfront has a take on Cape Cod, San Francisco, and New York.  And Mediterraean Harbor has iterations of Venice, Tuscany, and Portofino.  And while it's usually obvious that the setting is a theme park, at certain angles, the line between hyperrealistic fantasy and real-world setting gets a little blurred.  For example, in this long lens shot of the entrance, the palm trees in the foreground and the colorful, receding facade of the Mira Costa Hotel feel like they really could be from the Italian Riviera.  Only the banner for the 15th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Sea and the speakers along the waterfront betray an obvious "Disney-ness" in the scene.  Take those out, however, and this scene could very well substitute for the real thing!

A glimpse of the Italian Riviera--Tokyo style!


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