Another Cruise Through the Jungle

It's been a while since we've taken a cruise through the jungle aboard the World Famous Jungle Cruise, so lets see what those zany animals are up to back there in the wilderness of Adventureland!

It's the Indian elephant bathing pool, where the whole herd is out with the trunks on.
Such a sighting is pretty unherd of!
Bertha has been under that waterfall for decades, providing that if you shower long enough, you'll turn into an elephant.

These apes are just monkeying around.  Better split before they really go bananas.

This is the second most feared animal in the jungle, the African bull elephant.

Of course, number one is his mother-in-law.

Over in the African veldt, these guys don't look too familiar.  They must be gnu to the jungle.

Of course, we have the pride of lions protecting that sleeping zebra whose so tired that he's resting in peace.

The other zebras are old ones.  You can tell because they're still in black and white.

And of course, headhunter territory is a terrible place to beheaded.


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