Merrily on Our Way to Nowhere at All

I was walking through Fantasyland a week and a half ago, looking for scenes to snap, when I happened to notice the shadows working out to allow a fun idea reflecting Mr. Toad's wanderlust.  In The Wind and the Willows, the crazy amphibian enjoys putting around in his motorcar all over the place, with reckless regard for other people's safety.  Certainly, that must mean Mr. Toad has plenty of destinations in mind.  What better to symbolize that than with the cardinal directions of a weather vane, and what better to show that as a thought than to juxtapose its shadow--or non-physical form--beside Mr. Toad to give the idea of a thought bubble!

Well, I like the idea at least.

Mr. Toad seems to ponder where he should careen off to next, as represented by the shadow of the weather vane a little off to the side on the chimney.


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