Golden Hour on the Opera House

The summer has been surprisingly quiet at the Disneyland Resort--most likely a product of the demand-based pricing that sets single day tickets higher during expected busy periods and the sharp rise in Disneyland Annual Passport prices for the highest levels that still allow guests to visit during the summer.  I, for one, have welcomed this.  The past few years saw crowds sometimes swell to difficult to bear levels, and I really missed the days when the parks had an off-season that offered peace and quiet.  Of course, I didn't expect the "off-season" to occur during the summer, but I'll certainly take it.  Walking through the parks on a Friday afternoon (my usual visit time) with plenty of elbow room has been quite joyful.  And while I certainly don't want the lack of crowds to result in cost cuts or operations reductions, I can't help but appreciate the extra space I get, which also helps my daytime photos more!

The Main Street Opera House with the banner of the current Disney Gallery exhibit featuring Disneyland's Steam Engines.


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