Toontown Ways

It's another photo where I shoot into the sun, and while it isn't a perfect shot, the mood here takes me back to my favorite time of day at the Happiest Place on Earth.  Afternoon golden hour overlaps my usual time at the parks.  Usually, though, this means plenty of people in my shots, which means I have to just wait or get lucky.  In this case, I had a bit of both.  As I've mentioned this week, the parks have been quieter than usual during the summer, so that means I get empty patches of path more often.  I also stumbled upon this composition almost by accident.  Though I've wandered through Mickey's Toontown enough times previously, I never seemed to notice this frame before, looking into the sun with the directional sign in the foreground to one side.  Paired with the pretty flower bed, this makes for a colorful and charming scene.  But ah well, better to notice a shot late than never at all!

The former Jolly Trolley stop makes for a nice monument in the afternoon sun.


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